“I volunteered as a guinea pig”

“As a struggling scholar, I did so a number of things only the resort to. First, I started promoting my blood plasma. Next, I began enjoying with human guinea pig in Phase 1 testing—first use within humans—for pharmaceuticals. The inpatient studies paid the very best at $100/time. The capture was they are often screening a new fresh AIDS medications, and you also must be wary because some might have significant and permanent side effects. The final one I enrolled in was a 17-day in-patient research on a center medication. We wore telemetry screens nonstop and got each day 12 EKGs and 17 body draws. It saved me after I was quick on book, but I was happy once I began building that I never had to move back.” — Justin Bates, New York City, NY

“I given batteries dressed as Marilyn Monroe”

“As an actress, producing book sometimes includes promotion work and is definitely challenging. Well, a month I used to be requested to do a for the Fire Department of New York, who wished to tell everybody to alter their smoke alarm batteries. We met in Times Square at a resort meeting room, plus they had cabinets of cheap costumes—think white gown, ugly painful ‘satin’ heels, poor wigs. Once dressed, we given out fire alarm batteries—which are different than typical batteries, therefore a lot of people gave them back simply because they didn’t know what regarding them!” — Jennifer Leigh, Nyc, NY