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Can The New Rapid Transit System to Rekindle JB Property market?

The Rapid Transit System will link the Woodlands North station on the Thomson-East Coast Line to Johor’s Bukit Chagar.

Peter Ezekiel, who travels across the causeway daily for work, welcomed the news. The 46-year old lawyer chosen to rent a Johor Bahru house while awaiting the completion of his new flat in Singapore.

The Real Life Commuting To and Fro

While renting a house in Johor Bahru is cheaper, Ezekiel has had to compete with traffic congestion day-to-day. He may, nonetheless, continue renting or even buy a property in Johor in the future now that Singapore and Malaysia are moving ahead with the RTS.

I ’m looking at the proximity, convenience and security to Singapore. These three variables are to me, of course comfort – you want a certain. These are the three to four variables who I have in mind when I’m looking at a rental property. However if I’m looking for an investment to buy, then I’ll be taking a look at potential capital gains,” he said.

From purchasing a property like Grandeur Park Condo, despite the anticipated progress in transport connections, but the relative weakness of the Malaysian Rinngit has been holding him back.

Promising an easier time crossing the border, the RTS will link the Woodlands North station on the Thomson-East Coast Line to Johor’s Bukit Chagar.

Experts Views

Analysts reckon that important economic action is required to excite Johor’s property marketplace, especially around the area where transportation connections to the city-state will soon be made better.

It ’s very close to Bukit Chagar. “We haven’t learned of many business investments announcements, such as let producers within 30 kilometres that are hiring many staff, ’s say.”

As such, analysts have cautioned investors before they invest their cash into any developments around the causeway to watch the market carefully.

“They need to do lots of due diligence checks,” clarified Chris Koh, Director at estate service Chris International.

“We’re talking about ensuring that they’re buying a property there – whether the developer is a sound developer, one with a reputation to complete their projects. One must be additionally familiar with Malaysia law – the property laws behind buying a property there he added.

Buying the Right Renter’s Insurance Policy

If you have renter’s insurance you’re currently prior to the game. If you don’t, you must explore buying insurance and be sure you avoid paying a lot of to get a plan that you just don’t need.

“Renter’s insurance intricate as, say, rental car insurance, where you’re standing at a table frazzled by your options. Many insurance providers provide insurance with whistles and relatively few alarms, an insurance comparison site.

“As in opposition to home insurance, which has a tendency to have many extras that can be chosen, renter’s insurance has already been a really slim and unconfused plan. Any ‘hidden extras’ have virtually been removed,”.

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